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What are Lions?

  • Lions are kindergarten boys learning about Cub Scouting.
  • Lions join with a parent or caring adult partner.
  • Lions form dens of six to eight Lion pairs.
  • Lions will have one den meeting and one outing per month.
  • Lion dens are part of a Cub Scout Pack.
  • Lions may wear a special T-shirt or neckerchief for their activities
  • Lions have their own Lion Adventure Book to track their adventures.

Why Kindergarten?

Research shows that a child’s development accelerates at age 4 and 5 — about the time they begin their formal education in kindergarten. That’s also the time when families start looking for after-school activities for their children. While 5-year-olds could join a soccer team or karate studio, they couldn’t yet join Scouting.

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